ATTACK ON TITAN – first impressions


I came very close to just not bothering with this, but hey, Railgun S has been absolutely shitty so I went in search of something else to watch. That something turned out to be Attack on Titan, which unlike Railgun S has a lesbian character who doesn’t commit serial sexual assault (and whose object of desire doesn’t have a hetero crush). High bars!

Oh, and I kept muttering “what the fuck that makes no sense” at the 3D Maneuver Gear bollocks but after five episodes or so got used to it.

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Yeah, yeah, people’ve been after me to review this forever. I’ve been watching the recap movies so what the hell, might as well get on it.

So there’ve been endless terabytes of pixels spilled over this show, about how it subverts the magical girl genre and whatnot, blah blah grimdark very popular with male nerds due to said grimdark/subversion, etc etc.

You know what, though? Those fucks are wrong. Puella Magi Madoka Magica stays absolutely true to the genre.

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SFF fans are fucking stupid, or THE BEST EUGENICS EVER


Some friends as unimpressed with Karen Lord’s The Best of All Possible Worlds as I was got to discussing things a bit, I tweeted about this shit a bit, so why the hell not, have a blog post too.

So, Karen Lord’s novel is retooled Star Trek fanfiction with added eugenics, pedophilia, and so on plus a NO HOMO, HOMOS ARE DISGUSTING agenda going. The writing is… well:

I had been walking toward them as I spoke, but when she said that, I stopped short and looked down in a panic at my shoes. There was nothing underneath them but air, leaves, branches, and more air.
You know it’s bad when you’re falling to certain death and all you can think for your blessed last thought is Damn, have I got a girly scream.


Nevertheless, this book’s been well-received by fairly intelligent people. Even if they think the quality of the writing is great it’s weird that they missed the shitty gender politics (or at least fail to comment on it in any way), the eugenics, the rousing endorsement of pedophilia from Our Heroine, and so on. Then I thought of another universally loved, but problematic, title. I haven’t read Among Others and don’t ever intend to, because apparently it’s both racist and a public circlejerk session for SFF fans, but from the sound of it it has a lot in common with Lord’s novel in very specific ways.

Either Lord wrote her eugenics novel without any awareness whatsoever or she knew exactly what she was doing and that exploiting SFF fans is good business, which I can totally respect.

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OSAMA – Lavie Tidhar


In a world without global terrorism Joe, a private detective, is hired by a mysterious woman to find a man: the obscure author of pulp fiction novels featuring one Osama bin Laden: Vigilante…

Joe’s quest to find the man takes him across the world, from the backwaters of Asia to the European Capitals of Paris and London, and as the mystery deepens around him there is one question he is trying hard not to ask: who is he, really, and how much of the books is fiction? Chased by unknown assailants, Joe’s identity slowly fragments as he discovers the shadowy world of the refugees, ghostly entities haunting the world in which he lives. Where do they come from? And what do they want? Joe knows how the story should end, but even he is not ready for the truths he’ll find in New York and, finally, on top a quiet hill above Kabul – nor for the choice he will at last have to make…

When I first joke-tweeted about chopping blocks and reviews, two books were offered up–Throne of the Crescent Moon (also known on this blog as “that steaming misogynistic turdpile written by same for same”) and Osama. I chose, unfortunately, to read Ahmed’s turdpile. It was a mistake I will never not regret.

I thought of comparing the two for a bit, but it’d be absurd. There’s not much to be compared between an illiterate’s D&D campaign and a literary, political novel of deconstruction.

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BLOOD OF DRAGONS – Robin Hobb, more slut-shaming


Dragon blood and scales, dragon liver and eyes and teeth.

All required ingredients for medicines with near-miraculous healing powers. The legendary blue dragon Tintaglia is dying of wounds inflicted by hunters sent by the Duke of Chalced, who meanwhile preserves his dwindling life by consuming the blood of the dragon’s poet Selden Vestrit.

If Tintaglia perishes, her ancestral memories will die with her. And the dragons in the ancient city of Kelsingra will lose the secret knowledge they need to survive. Their keepers immerse themselves in the dangerously addictive memory-stone records of the city in the hope of recovering the Elderling magic that once allowed humans and dragons to co-exist. In doing so they risk losing their own identities, even their lives.

And danger threatens from beyond the city, too. For war is coming: war between dragonkind and those who would destroy them.

Robin Hobb is kind of like Robert Jordan in a way. Not the braid-tugging and skirt-smoothing shit, but the whole–you know how there are a lot of words in her books? Lots and lots and lots of fucking words, things happen in them (sort of) but the plot is advancing fuck-all? The pace so glacial sometimes it reads like it’s going backward? Yeah, that.

Fuck, I’ve no idea why I read this. Why did I read four books of this. Why? It’s got “dragons” in the title, for fuck’s sake. Trigger warning for rape by the way, since Robin Hobb from Liveship onwards hopped on the grimdark bandwagon.

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linky as fuck


Someone else reviewed The Best of All Possible Worlds.

Delarua herself appears to be so infatuated with Sadiri superiority that they seem, for her, beyond any criticism except that of feeling superior to non-Sadiri.

But stepping away from Delarua’s blinkered perspective, any feminist reader is also going to wonder how it is that Sadiri society is so unquestionably heteronormative. That aspect of the world-building, taken with Delarua’s failure to see or even look for the costs of gender oppression, makes me wonder if Lord intended to suggest that as long as one doesn’t notice such things, women, both straight and gay, will be perfectly happy in this “best of all possible worlds.” For a feminist, the prospect is suffocating—and unbelievable.


Another possible interpretation—but one so unlikely that it would take a sequel to confirm—is that Delarua’s infatuation with a telepath has led to her lack of clarity about the Sadiri’s gender arrangements and their willingness to destine an entire generation of females to unquestioned subjugation. The only support I can find for such an interpretation is in the narrative’s unfolding of Delarua’s telepathic subjugation to her brother-in-law—from which Dllenahkh rescued her. Is it possible that the second part of Delarua’s memoir will tell the story of Delarua’s rescue from Dllenahkh?

This is the only intelligent review I’ve seen of this fucking awful, overrated piece of shit. Literally no one else brings up Karen Lord’s NO HOMO NO HOMOOO agenda or the whole pedophilia eugenics thing. The only explanation is that westerners find both eugenics and pedophilia perfectly normal which would also explain a lot of other things, really. We already know they find heteronormativity just awesome.

Chiusse On Hate.

my thought is this: hatred is neither good nor evil; it is just a tool, and may be used in the service of either. Strong emotions such as hate are a potential threat to the status quo, because they have the power to impel us to action. The people who want you to calm down and be nice are usually the ones with something to lose.

2. The system knows that we’re going to hate no matter what, so it evolves to deflect that hatred toward trivial things. It tells us to hate Octomom and Justin Bieber and the impotent legislature and folks who use food stamps to buy oregano. It tells us to hate ourselves, our appearances, our lives.

You know the drill about Cult of Nice and tone-policing, but this summarizes the problems with those things very nicely.

A bunch of fuckface weeaboos got very outraged about my phoned in long distance carefully considered Railgun review. The best part? One of them believes I’m a whitey objecting to a white person getting beaten up by Misaka et al. Or at least that’s what I’m getting out of it, it’s hard to make out from all the illiterate mouth-froth. Remember, friends: before you review an anime? DO YOUR DAMN RESEARCH AND HAVE YOUR REVIEW PEER-REVIEWED, PLEASE. You know how nobody likes animu shitworm fanturds? Exactly.

A++, would troll again.

Ronan Wills concludes his adventures in Rothfuss. No fear (haha see what I did there) though, he’s doing the sequel too and has been diligently blogging The White Man’s Fear so none of us has to read that shit. No, I’m still not going to.

Have I linked YKM’s review of this self-published excrement bucket?

The basic idea is that this stripper vampire, Cherry, and a sexy stranger she’s met once, Ian, are framed for the death of the Vampire Queen, and to avoid the wrath of the Queen’s daughter (who is most likely the true culprit), Cherry’s sire drags her and her entire vampire family into the “Undead Space Initiative”, some random space exploration program that just happens to be going on at the same time, and seek undead volunteers – with no specialized training or experience necessary – to colonize Mars. Which they do. With a sentient space ship. And a crew of “revenants” and zombies. And then it turns out that all three races are secretly ancient aliens. I am not making this up.

Sounds fucking AMAZING, right? LOL NOT SO MUCH. The dream of campy stripper Cherries in space was crushed by a book that played itself waaaaaaaaaay too straight for a premise that bizarre, and a plot whose events seemed determined by dartboard. The thing is, when you take away the bizarre premise, what remains is pretty much your standard paranormal romance novel, with pretty much your standard Paranormal Romance Issues (with worse editing). And I mean, you’ve heard me complain about that before, surely? MISOGYNY, RAPEYNESS, BITCHES, MAN. Been there, done that.

I got a copy with every intention of reviewing it. I gave the fuck up.

Inside the United States.

BOSTON, Mass. — Human rights activists say revelations that the US regime has expanded its domestic surveillance program to private phone carriers is more evidence of the North American country’s pivot toward authoritarianism.

The Guardian, a British newspaper, reported this week that a wing of the country’s feared intelligence and security apparatus ordered major telecommunications companies to hand over data on phone calls made by private citizens.

“The US leadership in Washington continues to erode basic human rights,” said one activist, who asked to remain anonymous, fearing that speaking out publicly could endanger his organization. “If the US government is unwilling to change course, it’s time the international community considered economic sanctions.”

Over the last decade, the United States has passed a series of emergency laws that give security forces sweeping powers to combat “terrorism.” But foreign observers say the authorities abuse those laws, using them instead to monitor ordinary Americans.


US leader Barack Obama, a former liberal community organizer and the country’s first black president who attracted a wave of support from young voters, rose to power in 2008 promising reform. He was greeted in the United States — a country of about 300 million people — withoptimism. But he has since disappointed those supporters, ruling with a sometimes iron fist and continuing, if not expanding, the policies of the country’s former ruler, George W. Bush.

A CERTAIN SCIENTIFIC RAILGUN – let’s beat a white person up!


A Certain Scientific Railgun is the story of how a bunch of Japanese girls and women beat up a white woman and foil her evil plans.

Exhibit A: a white woman.

No, really. Telestina (or Therestina or however you spell her name) is the only person in the whole show who has a vaguely western name. She also happens to be the villain. The lesson? Don’t let white people be in charge of anything, they come up with evil schemes and howl in maniacal laughter a lot.

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THE UNLIKELY HERO – Beau Schemery’s Aryan teenage unicorn fetish


Despite the suspicions Mother Dragon shared with Celestrian before her death, he may be the last surviving unicorn of Vrelenden—though most may simply think him some crazy person with a horn attached to his forehead. Nevertheless, Trian has nothing to hold on to but hope, and he’s about to hang that hope on an unlikely hero named Renwald Mallorian. Ren may have been born an accountant’s son, but he’s longed to be a professional hero for as long as he can remember, and he’s read every book on the subject he could get his hands on. When Trian arrives and hires him to find the last remaining unicorns, Ren jumps at the offer and their quest begins.

But the evil Father Denkham is intent on obtaining the last unicorn and sets a deadly assassin on their trail. If that isn’t bad enough, they’ll face a Vampire, Dragon, bandits, and zombies. Their only hope now is for Ren to prove he’s the hero he always dreamed of becoming—but no book in the world could have prepared him for what’s in store.

Yes, that’s a unicorn furry wearing a thong. This, as you will soon gather, is a book about copious teenage unicorn sex. Rejoice, for we’re about to embark on the beautiful and magical journey of someone’s D&D campaign involving a shitload of erotic roleplay turned into a novel.

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DOKUHIME wait what the fuck


Haha wait what?

I like how the one brown-skinned woman is shunted way to the back while the foreground is dominated by ultra-pale beauties, two of them with what appears to be blonde hair and one with inhuman quantities of eyelashes. And, by the way, they are supposed to be appropriations of Native Americans except they live in a desert and what the fuck is going on. Like, shit, this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone mash up an orientalist harem fantasy with, uhhh, Native Americans. Say, are these clothes even from the same culture? And who dresses like this outdoor in a fucking desert?

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