SKYFALL – in which British jingoism clowns for everyone


If this is what Britain considers one of its most iconic cultural figures–the ideal of romantic colonialism, the suave super-spy–then do I have bad news for you, Brits. It isn’t that the film is deathly misogynistic (it is) or that it is far too long and incompetently paced (it is both). It’s that this is a joke. This is laughingstock. This is ridiculous and anyone with half a brain cell will see it for what it is. And when you consider how deeply seriously it takes itself… you can only conclude what a sorry stain of a thing the jingoist British spirit must be. The white man snivels in the corner, bleating for the vanished glory of the empire. Which is as it should be, but like Skyfall it doesn’t know how pathetic it really is. Continue reading

SNOW WHITE AND THE INTERNALIZED MISOGYNY – or how Ravenna’s the one you should be rooting for


I know, I know. The movie’s shit. I knew it was shit going in. Popular media make masochists of us all.

Isn’t it remarkable by the way that every dress in this movie bares and emphasizes a woman’s cleavage? Little wonder that the only kiss initiated by Bella Swan in this film–her one moment of sexual desire–is directed at another woman. All the other kisses are initiated by men who decide it’s awesome to molest her while she’s either comatose or dead, and therefore can’t consent.

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